5 Ways to Customize Your new Velec E-Bike

5 Ways to Customize Your new Velec E-Bike

Ready to ride your own way? Start by accessorizing your new e-bike.

All the Velec e-bikes are equipped with the essential accessories an e-bike needs, such as a kickstand, a full-fender kit, a rear rack and lights and reflectors. 

If you wish, you can add some extra accessories to make your e-bike even more unique! Here are 5 suggestions of e-bike accessories to customize your ride!

1. A bottle cage and a bottle
Most of Velec e-bike already have the inserts needed to install a bottle cage. The 2 screws are standard and will fit any bottle cage you like. In addition to a color-match with your e-bike, what you should look for when purchasing a bottle cage is it's function. Many models exist to fit different needs. For example, if your frame is small and you don't have much space for a water bottle, you may choose a side load bottle cage. Or if you are the kind of cyclist that always forget your water bottle, then an adjustable bottle cage may be the best choice for you, since the bottles you'll find on the go are different sizes! 

2. A Bike Bell
If you are riding a lot on cycle paths, or in urban areas, you know that being seen is very important. Sometimes, being heard can be very nice too! Bike bells come in different shapes and styles. From the minimalist to the extra-funky-animal-shaped ones, you'll have plenty of choices.

3. A Good Lock
Don't cheap out on a bike lock. Either you are going to work or to school with your e-bike, or you lock it outside the time of quick grocery shopping, the last thing you want is to get your e-bike stolen. Choose a high-graded security lock, and make sure you lock both the frame and the wheels to a solid and secured bike rack.

4. Bags
Your e-bike is equipped with a rear rack : you better take this opportunity to load your stuff on it! It is so comfortable to ride without a backpack anyway! Many choices, from the trunk bag to the double carriers exists to fill your needs. First, you got to decide what you want to carry : groceries? a laptop? an extra jacket? You may choose a solid basket, waterproof bags, or an expandable model. And make sure you don't exceed the maximum weight capacity of your rack.

5. Stickers
A lot of small brands and artists all over the world offer very cool and stylish vinyl stickers to customize your favorite objects. It can be a very original way to make your e-bike unique. But make sure you don't cover your serial number, as well as the logos since they are reflective to keep you safer at night!

We love that you want your Velec to be special! But make sure that all the custom accessories you choose are safe and legal, and won't distract you while you ride. Visit our Pinterest Boards for more e-bike inspiration.