Frequently Asked Questions


Ideal for going to work or shopping without sweating. Suitable for getting in shape at your own pace. The electrical bicycle makes it possible to assist all cyclists, whether they are beginners or experienced, faster and easier than a regular bike. Farewell to the fear of steep slopes and headwinds that discourage many cyclists. In other words, a Velec allows you to go further with less effort and more pleasure.

Velec’s are available where qualified advisers and technicians will be able to assist you in the purchase and maintenance of a quality power-assisted bicycle. Our network of authorized Velec dealers has more than 300 points of sale across North America.

Not at all. Just turn the ignition key, then choose the desired level of assistance, pedal or turn the thumb throttle... and off you go! It is rather a question of getting familiar with your bike in order to better control its power. The Velec bicycle is very safe. As soon as you release the accelerator or brake, the engine is
automatically deactivated.

No, it is not essential. To start without pedaling, just switch on the ignition and turn the throttle. Of course, it is also possible to start while pedaling with, or without assistance.

With Velec, you have the choice: you can pedal a quality bike with multiple speeds, be assisted by the electric motor or be propelled without having to pedal. Six levels of assistance are possible to better meet your needs: 0%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The assistance system has been designed in such a way as to ensure smooth departures without jolts. Simply select the level of assistance you want, with a simple press of the power adjustment button on the control console, to guarantee a smoother ride in line with your desires. This technological innovation makes handling the electric bike even more easy and pleasant.

All Velec models will offer you electric assistance to facilitate hilly hikes and/or with strong winds. If these road conditions are frequent or extreme, you will get better results with a more powerful engine, which has more torque.

Velec e-bikes, in ideal conditions and on a flat surface, can reach a speed of approximately 32km/h, which is the maximum speed allowed by Canadian government regulations for electrically assisted bicycles.

Yes, there is. The Velec are designed for a user of 125kg or 275lbs maximum.Note that this weight limit includes the rider's and the luggage weight.

No. Like a traditional bicycle, the Velec can be used despite the rain. As with driving any other vehicle, it is recommended that you adapt your driving to the weather conditions. It is also advisable to dry your Velec thoroughly before storing it.

Event if the Velec will remain stable and secure during the winter season, it is not recommended to use it in harsh winter road conditions, such as the accumulation of snow, salt and sand on the streets, for both mechanic and electrical maintenance matters.

Yes. However, it is imperative to do a good cleaning with fresh water after a ride by the sea in order to remove all traces of sand and sea salt and thus avoid any corrosion.

No. The Velec has been designed for normal use on roads and cycle paths like any other traditional city bike. Moreover, improper use of your bicycle will void the Velec warranty. ​​


Plug the charger into a 110V AC outlet. A red light will turn on on the charger to indicate it is in charging mode; a green light will illuminate on the charger to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

A full charge can take between 1h30 and 8 hours without interruption depending on the capacity of the battery and the power of the charger.

You may charge your battery at any time, as this type of battery does not have any ‘memory effect’ and the charger is of the ‘smart type’; it will stop charging by itself once the battery is fully charged. Nevertheless, it is essential to never leave the battery connected to the charger for more than 24 hours.

It is recommended to charge the battery as needed. For instance, if you only use your electric vehicle during brief periods of time and for short rides, the battery may be recharged following several such rides. If, on the other hand, you are planning a long ride of 40 km / 25 miles or more, it is recommended to fully charge your battery before leaving. Generally speaking, if the battery charge indicator on the handlebar or on the battery indicates there is less than a 50% charge remaining, charging of the battery is recommended.

It is essential that you look after battery maintenance at regular intervals. This is particularly important during the off season, when you are not using your bicycle for long periods.

36V Battery: Your battery must maintain a minimum voltage of 30 volts. If the voltage goes below 30 volts, the battery could become irrecoverably damaged and might no longer be able to accept a full charge.

48V Battery: Your battery must maintain a minimum voltage of 40 volts. If the voltage goes below 40 volts, the battery could become irrecoverably damaged and might no longer be able to accept a full

Storing the battery should be in a dry area, where the temperature would be around 20º Celsius. It’s not recommended to store the battery outside, or in a non-heated or humid area. Do not expose it to extremes of heat (more than 40ºC/105ºF) or cold (-10ºC/14ºF) or to damp conditions (rain, water, garage, shed, hangar or unheated basement.)

It is imperative to never store a completely discharged battery. A lithium battery like Velec’s will have a slight discharge even when not in use. Storing it when it has run out of energy will damage the cells. They could no longer be usable or at best lose part of their capacity. A battery damaged due to improper storage is not covered by the Velec warranty.

The lifespan of a Velec battery varies from 3 to 5 years depending on use and maintenance done by the owner.


By purchasing a Velec, regardless of the model chosen, you are acquiring the best electric bike in its category, in addition to being assured of obtaining superior quality service from one of our expert dealers in our vast growing network. Velec pays rigorous attention to each of the components of its electrically assisted bicycles in order to meet the different needs of a diverse clientele. Velec offers 12 months of warranty for the mechanical components of the bike, 24 months for the battery and 36 months for the frame.

Electric-assisted bicycles are permitted wherever regular bicycles are permitted. The same highway safety code applies. It is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an e-bike.

The minimum age required to have the legal right to ride an electric bike is 14 years old in Quebec (with a Class 6D driver's license) and 16 years old in Ontario and British Columbia.

No. The only requirements prescribed by law: be of the minimum age required (see previous point) and wear a protective helmet.